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2013 Honda Pilot – Last Honda SUV 2009 Vintage Car

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2013 Honda Pilot

2013 Honda Pilot is planned to be launched as the last Honda reproduction of the 2009 vintage SUV car. Well, Honda has made a decision to start a new innovation starting from the 2014 products. Well, let’s talk about the car. The 2013 version of Pilot only gets a little modification from its predecessor, the 2012 Honda Pilot.

2013 Honda Pilot

However you do not have to worry since the car still offers you a great deal. The new car can afford eight passengers and offers more efficient fuel consumption. Well, we can say that the car is in a tough competition with various rivals in SUV class such as Chevy Equinox, Kia Sorento and also Ford Explorer. But is is still a great time to reveal the inside and the outside of the car.

2013 Honda Pilot

Okay, what is new from the car? Well, before we go further to the improved features, let’s start to explore the standard version of the car. As a luxurious SUV, the car is completed with roomier eight passenger cabin and also more efficient fuel consumption. The new 2013 Pilot will get new colors for the exterior part. Honda also complete the last second generation car with the special trim package and also special grille that complete its luxurious and tough impression of the exterior part.

The engine of the 2013 Honda Pilot will be single overpilot cam 3.5 liter V6 engine with 250 horse power and 253 pound feet of twisting. The improvement is included the material of the engine that will be all aluminum material. The car adapts five speed automated transmission and has all wheel feature. The V6 engine promises the great power for the SUV.

2013 Honda Pilot

The new Pilot will come to the market with the expected standard features such as the air conditioner in the front side and back interior part, telescope guiding line, auto up-down windows and also front side traveler screen. The entertainment features are also including the stereo audio system that can afford AM/FM radio and also CD, completed with bass speaker and additional ports for your electronic gadget. The interior part of the car will have eight comfortable seats for eight passengers.

2013 Honda Pilot

The spacious space available will make the car as a great family car. You can easily store the stuff inside the car. As for additional information, the car perhaps will be dropped on the market around $29,800 up to $42,100. The estimated price is based on the mandatory destination fee of the manufacturer. So, whether you want to pick the brand new 2013 Honda Pilot or the 2012, the decision is still in your hand.

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